The Mystique of the Door Gunner - A First Team Magazine Feature - Summer 1969

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over the shoulder of the door gunner door gunner

Door gunners were looked at by grunts as having really cushy jobs. They fly around in a helicopter all day, sometimes pump gas at the POL point. Keep the chopper cleaned up, and live at the base camp.
The downside is there is no place to hide in a helicopter, you are a flying target, if someone is shooting at you, all you can do is shoot back.

loh gunner chinook gunner
This innocent looking little observation helicopter packs a bite with door gunners. The LOH must fly low to find traces of the enemy, so they need to quickly answer any fire they receive. The Chinook gunner fires his M-60 a lot less than his huey and LOH counterparts, but you never know when he will be needed.
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