An Tuc Dispensary, one of many very successful Medical Aid Projects in Vietnam

An Tuc Dispensary

A Huge Success Story

Not far from the 1st Cav's in processing and orientation center in An Khe is the An Tuc Dispensary, an urgent care center that would give care to anyone that needed it. Phil Blackmarr told me about it when he returned from his visit. They were having a big ceremony opening new wards with dedication by the Commanding Officer of the Cav's 15th Med Battalion. I went with Phil to see this place for myself. It was amazing, local people came in to help in any way they could. There were several orphaned children that lived at the dispensary, they cheerfully did chores to help out. I can't remember seeing greater cooperation among so many different people. The locals absolutely loved the place, when it was hit by a rocket in an VC attack, the VC promptly apologized.
This ceremony was the last major function under the Cav it was turned over to 4th Infantry when the Cav moved everything south in mid 1969.

Phil Blackmarr plays his violin

Phillip Blackmarr

Photographer, Writer, Musician

Philip Blackmarr spent most of his time with the 3rd Brigade field element of the Cav Information Office, based at Quan Loi. He did several special projects like this one. He was a very interesting fellow. A Princeton grad, he would play his violin by himself out by the green line, (mostly Paganini).

In the photo to the left he plays by candlelight, I shot this with the Graflex XL camera with the polaroid back, pushing the film speed to it's limits.

Phil would also accompany the CG to the hospitals some sundays and do some VIP tours. He had some of the most original and innovative photos to come out of our office. He knew a great story when he saw it at An Tuc.

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